About Mediation

Mediation is a process designed to ensure the parties involved in a situation identify and obtain the best resolution possible for everyone. This process is facilitated by a Mediator, a skilled neutral third party, who will ensure the environment necessary for agreement to be reached. Any eventual resolution will be the result of the agreement of the parties, making it far more acceptable and durable than an agreement determined by an outside third party, such as a court or an arbitrator.

How Does Mediation Work?

1. The parties agree to undertake mediation, aware that they are under no obligation to agree to any proposed solution, and that the Mediator does not have the authority to order a settlement.

2. The parties agree to the selection of a Mediator who, based on his or her background and experience, or the recommendation of an outside party, is seen by all of the parties as someone who can assist them in obtaining an acceptable settlement to their issue.

3. Once selected, the Mediator will try to get an introductory sense of the issue(s) at hand, while still remaining neutral. This can be done by preliminary discussions with the parties to the mediation, by the preparation and submission of written statements by the parties to the mediation or by any other means deemed appropriate by the Mediator.

4. The mediation takes place at a time and place agreed upon by the parties. The actual format for the mediation may vary, depending on the style of the Mediator, the wishes of the parties, or the situation itself. For example, the entire mediation may take place with all parties in the same room, in separate rooms (a form of shuttle diplomacy) or a combination of the two. Regardless of the format, the Mediator will be in charge of the session, ensuring that all sides have the opportunity to be heard, and that all information is made available.

5. As mediation is a voluntary process, any party may choose to end the process at any time, usually after consulting with the Mediator.

6. A successful mediation will conclude with the parties agreeing to a solution that they have come up with themselves, with the support and encouragement of the Mediator.

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