John Box, the principle Human Resources Consultant for JM Box Consulting Services, is an experienced instructor and trainer, in both the post-secondary classroom setting and within the workplace. 

At the University of Windsor, John taught the course “Public Sector Personnel Management”.  For St. Clair College, John has specialized in teaching Organizational Behaviour, but has also done courses in areas such as Training in the Workplace, Team Building, and Critical and Creative Thinking. 

In the workplace, John has prepared and presented programs such as New Supervisor Training, Job Evaluation and Pay Equity, and Occupational Health and Safety.

The training approach taken is to tailor each training workshop or seminar to meet specific client needs, as identified within the organization prior to the training.  Training can also be created for a more specific need of an organization.  Experience has shown that training specifically tailored to its intended audience is better received.

JM Box Consulting Services believes that it should only provide a service when it is truly needed.  Therefore, training services should be provided only after it has been determined that they will in fact meet the potential client’s needs, by identifying, through a friendly inquisitive process, the gap between the client’s goals and reality in the topic area.

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