Needs Analysis Quiz

How Can JM Box Consulting Services Assist You?

One question that you might be asking yourself right now is whether or not your organization could benefit from partnering with JM Box Consulting Services.  If this is the case, take this quick needs analysis quiz.

Ten Quick Questions To Ask Yourself

1. a) How much time do you and/or other members of your management team spend on staff-related issues such as: 

  • investigations
  • labour and employee relations
  • wage and salary administration
  • employee development and training

b) Have you ever calculated the cost, in terms of time, salary and interrupted productivity, of you and/or your management team doing this work?

c) At the end of the day, were you completely satisfied with the work done, and did you feel comfortable doing it?

2. Have you ever used the services of a legal firm for a matter you considered serious and then wondered after why the cost was so high for the work done?

3. Do you have the in-house expertise that you need regarding Human Resources issues such as

  • dispute resolution
  • wage and salary administration
  • staff training and development
  • labour and employee relations

4. Are you satisfied that you have all the required Human Resources Policies and Procedures?

5. Have you had situations, such as investigations and grievances, where an outside view would have increased the credibility of the end results?

6. Do you know what you want to get out of collective agreement negotiations, but not how to get there? 

7. In collective agreement negotiations, do you ever wish you had the same kind of experience of other organizations and industries and resources that the unions have? 

8.  Are you planning or are currently involved in a project in your organization, ranging from layoffs  to expansion to a change in direction, where you can use external expertise and an outside eye to help plan, execute, and consolidate that change? 

9. Is your organization prepared for the future, in terms of its structure and staff needs? 

10. With the Human Resources support that your organization currently has, can it meet its mandate?