Access expertise without the full time costs.

We provide clients with quick, cost-effective access to Human Resources expertise through the use of e-mail and telephone communications, without the expense of or supplemental to internal Human Resources staff. Clients can contact JM Box Consulting Services when they need information, advice or direction related to Human Resources issues, such as:

  • Collective agreement interpretation
  • Legislation interpretation.
  • Policy and procedure interpretation
  • Individual employee issues.


The eConsulting Concept

eConsulting was developed as a way of providing necessary Human Resources services to organizations, operating on limited budgets, but still in need of access to information that will assist them in dealing with staff-related issues.
eConsulting is based on the concept that in a larger organization, a manager or employee could contact a Human Resources Department representative by telephone or e-mail. 

eConsulting provides the smaller organization with the same access, at an affordable price.  It is also a way of satisfying the managerial and operational needs of organizations, by providing a proactive service for organizations that allows them to deal with potential Human Resources issues in anticipation of or during a problem situation. This approach is usually far more effective than dealing with an issue after it has grown beyond the capacity of the organization to deal with it.

 eConsulting is not intended as a way of dealing with complex organizational issues, which often require an in-depth review of the organization, its systems, or long-term needs.

These issues can be dealt with through our project or training services.  eConsulting is not intended to fully replace other resources, such as lawyers and experts on Health and Safety issues.  It is intended to give clients effective, timely and credible assistance in meeting its Human Resources challenges.  Management and/or staff, as designated by the client, can call or e-mail to receive a response to their inquiry, usually the same day, but often immediately.

In order to ensure availability, the number of rostered eConsulting clients is limited.