The Philosophy

Today, more than ever, small to medium size organizations are being asked to provide more service with a shrinking budget.  While public demand for services continues, the need to justify funding to outside agencies or governments is becoming harder and harder.  As a result, decisions are made by organizations to put available funding into ‘front line’ service delivery, often at the expense of support services.  In many cases, this results in members of the organization’s management team wearing many hats, often dealing with issues that, because of time, training or experience restraints, they do not feel comfortable or qualified to deal with.

One of these areas in many organizations is that of Human Resources.  When one considers that in many of these organizations the greatest percentage of the budget relates to staff-related costs, the cost consequences of not making the right decisions, in terms of time wasted and potential expenditures can be considerable.

Prior to founding JM Box Consulting Services, and through working in or with organizations in the municipal, health care, not-for-profit and charitable sectors, John Box identified that there is a need for a variety of affordable services in organizations working in these areas.  After discussions with representatives in these fields, the following were identified as key client needs in the area of Human Resources management:

  • Expertise– the ability to call upon appropriate Human Resources expertise.
  • Cost Effectiveness– in order to deal with the issue of limited funding, the delivery of Human Resources services in a cost effective, financially responsible and justifiable manner.
  • Empathy– the ability to talk to someone who has some understanding of their environment, so that Human Resources solutions can be found that meet their specific needs.
  • Effective Problem Solving– issues must be resolved, and in a way appropriate for the long term view within the organization.
  • Credibility– the source of Human Resources services selected by the organization must be seen as a credible, efficient, and effective solution to problems, thereby confirming to external and internal sources the wisdom of management in going this route.
  • Time– given the multitude of demands placed on the management of these organizations, time not spent on Human Resources issues can be better spent on other matters.  This includes not only the time spent dealing with the specific Human Resources issues, but the time spent worrying about it, and about trying to come up with appropriate resolutions.  Peace of mind is an important commodity.

In recognition of the need for quality, cost-effective and knowledgeable Human Resources and Management Consulting services to assist organizations in this situation, JM Box Consulting Services was created.

JM Box Consulting Services pledges to provide its clients with:

  • Value for their dollar.
  • Timely Responses.
  • Solutions consistent with their organizational values, goals and objectives.
  • The high level of respect their work deserves.
  • Honesty, integrity, and creativity.
  • An understanding of their challenges.
  • A learning opportunity along with empowerment.