Since 2008, JM Box Consulting Services, a Windsor, Ontario firm, has been assisting its clients by being the answer to many questions, such as:

  • As a small organization, where can I get cost-effective Human Resources support on an on-call basis, and geared to our needs?
  • Who can assist us with job evaluation, salary administration and pay equity?
  • Who has the experience and expertise we need for collective agreement negotiations and other labour relations/employee relations situations?
  • Who has an extensive knowledge of Human Resources policies and procedures?
  • Who can assist us review and revise our current organizational structure, including any necessary upsizing and downsizing?
  • Who can put together the specialized training that our staff needs?

The answer to these questions, based on over thirty years of Human Resources experience, is JM Box Consulting Services.  This experience, gained in areas such as municipal government, charitable institutions, the hospitality industry, and health care services, enables us to look at things from the perspective of providing useful, cost-effective and realistic solutions to Human Resources issues.

The preceding is just a general outline of the services of JM Box Consulting Services.  Please take some time to review the content of our website to see if our services would fit your needs.  If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact John Box directly, at john@jmboxconsulting.com , or by calling 1-519-903-5634.